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New update Clash Royale tournaments and letters

Supercell guys do not stop and continue to add new features to their last great success. Suprême Clash tournaments are actually available, so that'll be dueling for prizes with friends and family or with any player. The tournaments Clash Suprême will be available to any player that has contacted level 8.


From this new game mode, participants in the tournament will be matched randomly. The champion of each game should receive a series of trophies defeated -while the arruinar? -. A final classification will be based on the amount of trophies that members have accumulated during the celebration of the competition. All participants can open up a chest with rewards


Clash tournaments Royale: up to at least one, 000 participants


To coordinate a tournament will need at least 500 jewels. With that amount one can hold 50 players. You should invest more jewels with regards to the number of participants you want to host, reaching 250, 500 gems to support an event with 1, 000 members. The more people get involved, more cards would be the success.


Also you can arranged the duration of the tournament, in one hour to three days and could placed a time of planning before starting the competition. Users can point at any time in a tournament always remaining car seats, even a minute before the end. And you can be the viewer of any tournament video games, participate in them or not.


private tournaments and spectator mode


If you want a tournament private, you can set a password to join. In addition, Supercell has created three new achievements on tournaments: Join an event, win a certain amount of cards in a tournament and host of the number of tournaments.


Supercell is apparent that the success of the game titles no longer depend only on the good pitch and tournaments Clash Royale is an amazing location to hold the interest of the players added, and demonstrates the company still has best up its sleeve for the future of his game.


New cards and sand


We also provide four new cards: Ice Soul, lanzarrocas, lumberjack and trunk area. In addition a new arena: Pico Ice cream and new achievements related to these tournaments Battle Royale. Now available for download from Google Take up.

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